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Vision-Box expands biometric solutions beyond the airport and into the city

Vision-Box expands biometric solutions beyond the airport and into the city

Vision-Box announced at Trustech 2016 that it has launched a new initiative to expand the application of its biometric solution Happy Flow beyond the airport and into the city.

The company said the vision of Happy Flow Smart City is to “revolutionize the interaction model among citizens, governments, travel stakeholders, and additional private interests, whereby the former will access, in a quick and streamlined manner, a series of services usually characterized by bottlenecks of time and efficiency, stemming from the need to verify and authenticate their identities.”

In other words, Happy Flow Smart City is a user-centric multi-environment identification ecosystem based on smart touchpoint technology, biometric tokens and web-based services integrated into a system designed to facilitate citizen enrollment and identification processes in transactions with government, travel and private enterprise.

The system securely verifies the user’s identity through facial, iris, or fingerprint authentication in a range of applications, including requesting new government documents, crossing borders, booking hotels, making purchases, and entering restricted areas.

“Have you ever thought about how many times we are identified every day? Every time we use our credit card, every time we insert a password or every time we provide our passport, ID card or driver’s license,” said Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box. “Identification happens everywhere and for the most varied purposes. So why not make it simpler, using one single key?”

The system is comprised of several components to build a Trusted Chain of Identity, including user-centric biometric touch-points, which is used to enroll or verify the identity of a passenger; a digital passenger data envelope (PDE), an individual, privacy-protected data structure; and Orchestra, an orchestration platform.

“This revolutionizing concept will change people’s lives,” said Pedro Torres, head of marketing at Vision-Box. “The impact of generalized biometric identification is measured by convenience and trust. It offers governments enhanced security through elimination of identity fraud, efficiency through optimization of personnel, and gives commercial interests an innovative leap forward in service levels and Business Intelligence-driven revenue.”

Previously reported, Vision-Box recently presented its Orchestra platform for end-to-end passenger flow management and improved airport business intelligence at the Future Travel Experience Exhibition in Singapore.

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