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Applied Recognition issued US patent for face detection and recognition technology


Applied Recognition has been awarded a patent for face detection and recognition technology that applies to advertising, entertainment and social networks, enabling companies to create personalized marketing messages.

Patent #9,639,740 covers an exclusive technology for detecting and using faces in images for personalized advertising, personalized computer game faces, missing-person searches, and immersive animations and movies.

Originally filed on November 12, 2013 and published on May 2, 2017, the patent is a continuation-in-part of U.S. patent application #811,240 entitled “Method, System, and Computer Program for Identification and Sharing of Digital Images with Face Signatures”.

The patent application reads:

“The present invention provides, in at least one aspect, methods and systems that detect at least one face in at least one digital image, determine and store area co-ordinates of a location of the at least one detected face in the at least one digital image, apply at least one transformation to the at least one detected face to create at least one portrait of the at least one detected face, rotate the at least one portrait at least until the at least one portrait is shown in a vertical orientation and a pair of eyes of the at least one face shown in the at least one portrait are positioned on a horizontal plane; and store the rotated at least one portrait.”

Aside from being used for the purpose of customized marketing, the technology can be leveraged for various applications including web developers and online advertisers using subscriber faces to increase engagement and clickthroughs; Alzheimer’s and dementia patients using personalized face matching games to boost their memory; schools, universities, sports teams and clubs extracting and using individual faces from large group photos; gamers mapping friends faces onto player avatars for more realistic gameplay; and manufacturers and retailers automatically personalizing printed products with customer faces.

“The market opportunity here is enormous,” said Don Waugh, co-CEO of Applied Recognition, Inc. “Applied Recognition’s technology now makes it easy for companies to create the next generation of truly personalized products and services. We are delighted that The United States Patent Office has recognized the novelty and precedence of our innovative and broadly-applicable research and development efforts in this area.”

Previously reported, Strategic Information Technology (SIT) selected Applied Recognition’s Ver-ID face recognition solution to add further biometric authentication and security capabilities to the company’s Portfolio Plus suite of products for the financial services industry.

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