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Ram Group releases full-body biometric authentication technology

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Singapore-based technology firm Ram Group has released a full body authentication (FBA) solution based on a new quantum-state sensor that is based on a smart semiconductor material created by Ram Group and its partners.

The quantum-state sensor leverages quantum mechanical properties to conduct biometric authentication with widespread applications across finance, entertainment, transportation, supply chains and security.

Focused on the molecular engineering of smart materials, Ram Group is one of the first sensor manufacturers to develop quantum cryptography-based sensors that can improve authentication and user experiences across a wide range of transactions.

Ram Group’s FBA sensor is designed to improve the consumer experience of authenticating mobiles, banking transactions, monitoring supply chains, and other digital transactions.

The authentication solution uses a unique digital signature from the electromagnetic signals in the body, or the bio key generated from the signals that the new sensor can detect from any contact point on the body.

According to a company statement, the ultra-low-power sensors offers several advantages over fingerprint and facial recognition authentication technologies, such as consuming significantly less energy and having lower processing requirements.

The authentication service has several possible applications including allowing smart stadiums to authenticate ticket purchases and sales, vehicle security systems to verify allowed drivers, and warehouses or shipping containers to grant access to only approved personnel.

In addition, FBA technology can be combined with blockchain and other cryptographic secure data management technologies to further improve security and transparency.

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