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Sita white paper explores impact of biometrics on travel in 2025


In 2025, many passengers will use their mobile phones to make integrated travel plans, and single token identity systems based on biometrics will deliver better travel experiences while increasing passenger throughput, according to a new white paper from Sita.

The 16-page white paper, titled “2025: Air Travel for a Digital Age,” reviews major findings from Sita’s research on traveler experiences and aviation industry plans that indicate most airports and airlines plan to at least test biometric technology in the near future, if they are not already doing so. The progress of the One ID initiative is outlined, and the airport of the future is compared to an Amazon Go store, with travelers leveraging biometrics for “a walk-through experience,” but only if stakeholders collaborate to find the most robust solutions and processes. Sita notes that a typical traveler journey can include up to 20 different organizations.

Collaborations between airlines, airports, and other shareholders will be necessary to meet the demands of post-digital passengers, who Sita says will make up an estimated 68 percent of the world’s population by 2025.

Sita’s 2019 Passenger IT Insights report shows a significantly higher satisfaction rate with airport processes among passengers who use technology, who report 2 percent higher satisfaction rates with boarding processes, and 8 percent or higher satisfaction rates with experiences on board and collecting baggage.

Onboard experiences will soon include greater connectivity, possibly including 5G inflight services, while mishandled baggage could be reduced by 66 percent with check-in and loading tracking technology, according to the white paper.

“Sharing relevant data in a secure and timely manner, as well as reaching agreement on standards and processes, will be critical to ensuring that all stakeholders are doing what is required to deliver optimal passenger services,” Sita concludes. “These initiatives will also enable the air transport community to realize the potential to grow revenues, increase throughput and reduce costs.”

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