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Trust Stamp integrating biometric hash solution with Mastercard on children’s vaccine record system

Trust Stamp integrating biometric hash solution with Mastercard on children’s vaccine record system

Digital identity capabilities from Trust Stamp are now being integrated with Mastercard’s Wellness Pass solution, which it will launch in cooperation with Gavi in West Africa. Proving identity without revealing any information about it is the idea behind Trust Stamp’s zero knowledge approach to online identity verification, according to a profile by Mastercard.

Gareth Genner, Trust Stamp co-founder and CEO, explains in an interview how the company’s Evergreen Hash technology uses biometrics without taking on the risk of spoofing or a data breach that he says come with standard biometric implementations.

The Evergreen Hash is created from the customers face, palm or fingerprint biometrics, which the company uses to generate a “3D mask,” discarding raw data and adding encryption to associate the data with the user.

“Only a small percentage of the data that originally existed is in the hash,” Genner says. “What you have is something safer for storing because it can’t be used to directly identify you. No one would recognize you in this huge jumble of numbers.”

By matching hashes, rather than names, ID numbers or photos, Genner says, privacy is preserved and the potential for misuse is lowered.

Trust Stamp was approached by Mastercard’s Start Path startup program, with the idea of applying its technology to immunization records for children in remote regions, which is how the Wellness Pass integration came about. The technology works offline, and a new hash is created with updated information each time a vaccination is received. Genner says the hash evolves over time as people do.

In addition to enabling aid agencies to carry out their work without collecting legal names or identities from people, the technology is contactless, supporting safe interactions despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trust Stamp is now exploring new ways to commercialize its technology, after receiving an investment from Mastercard and doubling its staff in the past year. Ideas include touchless identity for travel and insurance companies, customer screening for real estate agents, and parolee tracking without expensive ankle bracelets.

The company recently increased a fundraising target, and is reported to be considering an IPO in Ireland.

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