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Privately, ACCS, Idiap and AVPA join forces to protect age estimation from generative AI

Generative AI services are emerging that can potentially be used to thwart online facial age estimation systems, just as those…

Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS)

The Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS) is a UKAS-accredited conformity assessment body, comprised of auditors, certification specialists, and data protection…


Biometric age estimation shows maturity with ITL milestone, PixLab launch, Incode testing

The market for biometric age estimation is heating up as laws and regulations are enacted and debated all over the…


Diebold Nixdorf joins biometric age estimation market as ITL addresses privacy concerns

Automatic age estimation from Diebold Nixdorf based on face biometrics has been deployed for self-service checkouts at EDEKA Jaeger’s store…


Age Assurance Standards, solutions and dialogue gain ground at Global Summit

An unprecedented gathering of stakeholders gathered in the UK to discuss the standards and technologies behind age assurance methods, including…


Age assurance tech is ready now, and international standards are on their way

The Global Age Assurance Standards Summit has wrapped up, culminating in a set of assertions, a seven-point call-to-action and four…


Age assurance standards progress towards consensus, away from ‘biometrics’

Age assurance processes like facial age estimation do not require the isolation and processing of personal identifiers, unlike biometric identification….


Pakistan to deport 600K Afghans with refugee ID cards

Pakistan has announced its intention to expel about 600,000 Afghan citizens, an official confirmed through media reports. The deportation drive,…


PXL Vision to collaborate with Idiap for research project to fight deepfakes

Swiss digital identity provider PXL Vision is collaborating with the Idiap Research Institute in a project to develop deepfake detection….


Age checks are here and increasing fast; the race to strike privacy balance is on

Any system for the online age checks that are being introduced for access to pornography and other online content will…

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