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iOS 18 APIs suggest more digital ID integrations coming to Apple Wallet

A set of APIs bundled with iOS 18 indicates that more digital IDs may soon be integrated with Apple Wallet….


Face ID component-maker’s plant could close as Apple ends orders

The future of Coherent‘s facility in County Durham, England is in jeopardy following the loss of its primary customer, Apple….


Europe grapples with the best way to implement digital identity

As European nations push forward on implementing a secure digital identity wallet scheme, approaches and results vary. A blog from…


Apple acquires French computer vision, facial analysis startup

Apple has acquired Datakalab, a Paris-based startup that specializes in AI compression and computer vision. The acquisition was finalized in…


Apple to placate EU by opening developer access to NFC scanning, Face ID

Apple’s tap-and-go mobile payments system, ID scanning and biometric capabilities should be available to rivals soon, with a report from…


Apple supports the reuse of biometric sensors, simplifying the repair process

Apple has announced its repair options, addressing concerns voiced by right-to-repair advocates. The tech giant has revealed that it will…


Apple patents for a secure transition of enrolling biometric templates with every software update

Apple has potentially addressed security concerns when it comes to safeguarding sensitive biometric data, such as facial images or fingerprints,…


Nigerians hail biometric passport reforms, Kenyans grapple with issuance delays

The move embarked upon by the current administration in Nigeria to reform what it calls a hitherto deeply flawed and…


Vision Pro iris sensor added to Apple’s fingerprint and face authenticators

The happiest day at Apple isn’t its release of a great annual report. It’s when executives see how the market…

Dapple Security

Dapple is committed to creating cutting-edge technology utilizing responsible biometrics and privacy by design principles to protect human digital identity…

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