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Big court date coming up fast for a BIPA case involving statute of limitations

That those opposed to the U.S. state of Illinois’ biometric privacy law are placing so much importance on secondary provisions…


A BIPA motion loss for Clearview as Walmart faces complaint over alleged use

Say what you will about face-scraper Clearview AI, its owners have courtroom stamina as a defendant. The facial recognition subscription…


Blurring a face on YouTube can violate BIPA – new lawsuit

A new biometric privacy lawsuit against Google argues that its venerable video-sharing platform YouTube stores images of people’s faces even…


Beyond BIPA: Mitigating biometric data legal risks under Texas and Washington biometrics laws

By David J. Oberly and Nicole D. Brenner* Maybe your company is considering using retina scans for employee building access….


Consent legislation progresses in California; biometrics would be reined in

Two California privacy, bills both of which give citizens more rights over their biometric identifiers, are moving toward a vote….


U.S. states follow BIPA with biometric data privacy proposals

Florida’s House of Representatives has passed a bill to establish a data privacy bill in the state with a right…


California BIPA copy proposed as biometric data privacy proposals proliferate

State legislators in California are proposing copycat legislation modeled on the regulation which has proven most punitive for businesses using…


Insurer not on the hook for BIPA case; Businesses say privacy cases ‘frivolous’

Businesses running afoul of Illinois’ biometrics privacy law have less backup than they might have thought. U.S. District Judge Harry…


Mitek accused of biometric data privacy violations as BIPA settlements look good for lawyers

A potential class action lawsuit has been filed against Mitek alleging the company failed to meet the informed consent requirements of…


Online proctor faces third biometric privacy suit, as BIPA arbitration rules considered

Another lawsuit has been filed over remote proctoring software with biometric features, as a pair of Illinois residents filed suit…

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