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EDRi, Statewatch call for ban of EU-wide police facial recognition system

The European Commission’s ‘Prüm II’ legislation may amplify the risks of state overreach and biometric mass surveillance and should therefore…


Online biometric authentication and interoperability talks to advance digital identity ecosystems

Another major biometrics funding announcement, this one in support of Beyond Identity’s passwordless technologies including behavioral biometrics, cracks the top…


Passenger satisfaction with airport biometrics high, more systems rolling out

Airport biometrics deployments are benefitting passengers who use them, and passenger willingness to do so is increasing in turn. New…


EU police face biometrics system debated by lawmakers, experts concerned about false positives

European Union plans to establish a biometric facial recognition system for use by all states in the region are being…


Ireland to share face biometrics with EU to tackle crime on wider scale

Ireland will share the face biometrics of suspects and convicted criminals with other European Union countries, the Irish Examiner reports….


Stage set for next round of secure access control biometrics adoption

Investments, patent activities, pilots and observations on the air travel industry all point to a coming wave of biometrics deployments….


UK can join EU biometric surveillance without Parliamentary scrutiny: Statewatch

The UK is able to join European Union biometric surveillance schemes such as a pan-European network of police facial recognition…


EAB webinar looks at facial recognition for criminal investigations in EU countries

A recent webinar by the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) explored the role of facial recognition technologies in criminal investigations…


EU police working on large-scale facial biometrics database, report says

European law enforcement agencies are allegedly collaborating on building a continent-wide biometric facial recognition database, according to leaked documents from…


Concerns about foreign biometrics records requests if UK joins EU crime database: report

The Home Office has released a report that warns UK police run the risk of being inundated with a “high…

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