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Public face biometrics increase in Brazil, scrutinized for biases, rights impact

Face biometrics deployments in Brazil have been multiplying over the last two years and are proving increasingly controversial for their…


New paper explores facial recognition biases beyond demographics

The well-reported biases surrounding skin tone and sex are not the only biases held by facial recognition systems, finds a new…


Artist demonstrates emotion-detecting videos may help people see their own biases

At the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, the “Interactive Installation,” Perception IO intends to force users to…


Survey shows large majority of Americans thinks technology makes biases worse

Seven out of ten people believe that technology does more to amplify biases than diminish them, according to a survey…


Ethical AI and biometrics move forward. More industry, academia effort needed

A series of initiatives have recently been unveiled by businesses and nonprofits showing different approaches to and perspectives on artificial…


Who’s watching the US DOJ’s use of facial recognition? Hint, the ACLU plays a part

Law enforcement agencies in several U.S. jurisdictions have engaged with the ACLU to formulate their policies for facial recognition use….


Tension between Brazil’s digital ID system and rules slowing progress

A new report published by Cambridge University Press highlights data protection and justice concerns related to Brazil’s national digital ID….


Panel on use of facial recognition by UK police breaks issue down for lawmakers

Leaders from among civil society, police, academia and regulatory bodies convened at the London School of Economics last week to…


India’s Telangana minister talks public facial recognition trust on WEF panel

The development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence-based technologies such as facial recognition is spreading like wildfire across the world…


White paper explores multimodal biometrics advances for inclusive, secure online banking

With the rapid growth of online banking and financial services jolted by the COVID-19 pandemic, biometric authentication has also followed…

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