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Veriff settles BIPA claim for $4M; defendants reaching for victory strategies

Defendants in U.S. biometric privacy lawsuits will not like the analogy because of its implied inevitability, but the legal production…


Amazon told to stay put in court; Microsoft might escape BIPA case

There is greater clarity today regarding a key provision of the state of Illinois’ biometric privacy law, landmark legislation in…


Microsoft can’t squeak out of BIPA case but could a university?

With most personal injury lawsuits, the central questions are what did a party know and what should a party have…


Berbix, restaurant chains and Microsoft can’t free themselves from BIPA cases

Another month, another batch of new BIPA lawsuits and court developments for the biometrics and privacy communities to pore over….


Microsoft biometric data privacy lawsuit from former Uber drivers returned to state court

Some of the claims in a biometric data privacy lawsuit against Microsoft are being remanded to state court, after the…


Biometrics to support easier interactions grow with new tech, guidance

Iris biometrics capturing at a distance, authentication for encryption keys and open digital identity APIs are all confirmed as mature…


It has been a bumpy ride of late in biometrics privacy and products

It might be a slow start to summer for some business sectors in the U.S., but not for biometrics privacy….


Trulioo, Fourthline, SIA, Alcatraz expand boards

Several prominent biometric firms have made significant moves to strengthen their boards in a wave of strategic expansions and leadership…


Amazon, Microsoft say they’ll do what’s right on biometrics, but suits raise questions

Amazon and Microsoft have been hit separately with biometric data privacy lawsuits that, if proven in court, would strike at…


Scope of biometrics uses on the market keeps growing

The top stories in biometrics, AI and the digital identity landscape this week were united in their different sectors and…

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