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Thailand prepares for digital wallet benefit scheme amid growing criticism

The Thai government is putting the finishing touches on its digital wallet cash handout scheme, which aims to distribute 10,000…


Privado ID launches digital wallet to address repetitive identity verification

Privado ID, a developer of privacy-focused biometric tools, has introduced a new digital wallet aimed at streamlining identity verification processes….


Spain launches digital wallet and credential for access to online porn

People in Spain will soon have to use their digital ID with a government-issued digital wallet to visit pornographic websites….


Veridos unveils new digital wallet

A new digital wallet, VeriGO MobileID, has been launched to enable users to carry important identification documents digitally and securely…


Austrian digital wallet can now house national ID, proof of age alongside mDLs

Austra’s digital ID wallet app can now hold fully digital proof of identity, as Youniqx Identity, a subsidiary of the…


What makes a good digital wallet? EIC 2024 answers

Europe has been forging ahead with its plan to give each European Union citizen a digital wallet that can be…


Cryptomathic is Belgium’s digital wallet mobile app security provider

Tech from Cryptomathic has been deployed in Belgium’s digital identity wallet, one of the first to go live in the…


Linux’s OpenWallet Foundation launches forum to drive digital wallet interoperability

The OpenWallet Foundation (OWF) has launched a new framework for collaboration between governments, standards bodies and companies called the OpenWallet…


Japan opens national ID to integration with digital wallets

Slated for late next spring, residents of Japan with a My Number card will gain the ability to integrate it…


A digital wallet is the first step: How Estonia built its digital state

Erika Piirmets has been a digital citizen since she was a child. When she started primary school in Estonia in…

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