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Senators ask DoJ if federal facial recognition funding violates civil rights

A group of 18 American senators from the Democratic Caucus have written to the Department of Justice to express concerns…


Biometric surveillance options increase for US police

Proving that it is not always good to be right, public and private video surveillance is gaining critical mass in…


LAPD plans to include private cameras in 10K-strong surveillance network

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) intends to develop a new surveillance center that will give police centralized access to…


Age verification legislation sparks First Amendment battles

Lawmakers at state and federal levels are proposing age verification legislation to protect minors. Texas is once again able to…


US privacy advocates want federal government to slow its roll on mobile driver licenses

Who lit the fire under the U.S. Transportation Security Administration? That’s what four prominent civil liberties organizations want to know….


New public policy group forms to address AI risks

A U.S. advocate for civil rights affected by technology has created a new unit that will work on AI-related risks….


Texas, Mexico plan biometric surveillance network. Privacy advocates are unimpressed

Mexico has begun building a 20-story biometric surveillance hub on its border with the United States. Designs call for a…


DNA collections, analysis find US government fans of all stripes

For whatever reason, state collection of DNA – a biometric identifier – does not stir the U.S. public, at least,…


UK passes Online Safety Bill, paving the way to biometric age verification

After years of heated debates and delays, Britain has passed its Online Safety Bill, which could introduce more age verification…


Age verification debates continue in UK, Australia

Kids as young as seven are accessing age-restricted items such as weapons, alcohol and vapes in the United Kingdom, digital…

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