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Is the EU AI Act leaving a backdoor for emotion recognition?

As the European Union prepares to adopt the Artificial Intelligence Act, the landmark legislation is still attracting criticism, this time…


What is emotion recognition, and how can biometrics be used to perform it?

At a basic level, emotion recognition (ER) is the process of identifying human sentiment. While there have been many contributions…


New Apple patents for emotion recognition and MacBook face authentication

Apple may be inching closer to including Face ID biometrics in its MacBook laptops, based on a newly granted patent….


Nviso, Privately partner to integrate age verification solution into emotion-sensing Japanese retail kiosks

Behavioral biometrics company Nviso Japan and age verification firm Privately have agreed to bring forth an innovative age verification solution…


Consultants see small role now for emotion recognition, but skeptics remain

Divisive as it is, emotion recognition continues to find adherents in business, particularly in the automotive sector, but also in…


Scientists say they’ve improved on emotion recognition from a person’s gait

Researchers continue to try to refine methods of reading a person’s mood from their gait biometrics, and the math gets…


UK regulator warns firms off AI emotional analysis

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a warning against companies deploying biometrics-based emotional analysis algorithms, coincident with…


New unsupervised AI method performs multimodal emotion recognition

Researchers from the University of Trento and Eurecat Centre Tecnològic have developed a new artificial intelligence method capable of performing…


Emotion recognition AI finding fans among lawyers swaying juries and potential clients

The American Bar Association has taken greater notice of emotional AI as a tool for honing courtroom and marketing performance….


Reported AI-based emotion recognition by Zoom irks rights advocates

Reports that video communications giant Zoom is planning to develop an artificial intelligence-based system to monitor and analyze the emotions…

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