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ID R&D argues for passive liveness detection in new white paper

Passive liveness detection methods, like that of ID R&D’s IDLive Face, can contribute not only to lower user friction, but…


Single-frame facial liveness detection: How it works to reduce user friction and abandonment

The ability to ascertain facial liveness from a single-image frame enables high-performance presentation attack detection without adding friction to the…


Single-frame facial liveness detection

What is passive facial liveness? This paper explores how single-frame liveness works. Download whitepaper.


Researchers progress further on iris biometric liveness detection with multi-class networks

A three-class serial model for presentation attack detection to protect iris biometric systems shows benefits over the two-class approach that…


Local NHS unit contract for DBS checks with face biometrics and liveness detection opens

The South East London unit of the UK National Health Service is seeking a digital identity provider accredited to the…


ID R&D touts passive liveness detection for lower abandonment rates

A switch from active to passive liveness detection for face biometrics may significantly decrease abandonment in customer onboarding rates, a…


trinamiX unveils new liveness detection tech and complete biometric authentication solution

Germany-based trinamiX has collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to launch a pair of new biometric technologies for implementation on mobile devices;…


Bias testing introduced for biometric liveness detection in ID R&D, BixeLab collaboration

A new test protocol to evaluate the demographic differentials, or bias, in biometric liveness detection systems has been developed by…


On-demand webinar – Demographic Bias in Facial Liveness Detection: Impact, Measurement, and Mitigation

AI-powered facial liveness detection algorithms can introduce bias the same way matching algorithms can, causing mobile banking services to be…

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