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Bangladesh, Kenya, UK opt for biometrics to tackle crime in prisons

Governments are increasingly opting for biometrics and other smart technologies as a way of ramping up security around prisons and…


Biometrics and AI vision technologies deployed in Hong Kong and UK prisons to prevent drug use

Hong Kong is testing AI vision and prisoner-tracking technologies and the UK has completed a trial of iris and facial…


Biometric cuffs being introduced to US county jail

A county sheriff’s office in the U.S. state of Georgia is going to put biometric wrist bracelets on its jail…


Chip implants from Swedish developer support digital health pass storage under your skin

Several thousand people in Sweden have implanted microchips under their skin to give them closer-than-close access to their digital information,…


Using real-time biometric data to bet on intense sports is almost here

Squash is fast and entertaining to watch, but is it cool enough for the Olympics? It might be if players…


Police in Miami, India, Macau expand facial recognition use amid further warnings

The Miami-Dade County Police Department (MDPD), Florida’s largest police force, is seeking to join the many departments in the state…

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