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Biometric ear canal geometry recognition developed by University of Buffalo researchers

Researchers at the University of Buffalo are developing a biometric ear canal geometry recognition system to authenticate smartphone users with…


University at Buffalo joins NSF biometrics research center

The National Science Foundation has made the University at Buffalo a member of its Center for Identification Technology Research, based on its…


Demographic-agnostic tool for deepfake detection shows promise

A group of U.S. researchers say they have created the first deepfake detection algorithms successfully designed to be less biased….


US grant creates AI expression recognition program for speech-challenged children

A bid to help children with communication disorders has netted some United States researchers a five-year, $20 million grant. The…


Can you ID me now? Apple files for ear-canal biometrics patent

Most people would no more wear someone else’s ear buds than they would invite a stranger’s finger up their nose….


A laser hits finger veins with a ‘poof,’ and a new biometric tool is born

A team of academic and industry researchers say they have created a biometric scanner that uses light and sound to…


Hacking biometrics and device IDs together is possible and dangerous: research

New research indicates that it is possible to secretly build rich profiles of people in highly connected homes and other…


Apple working on precise AirPods biometric sensors to monitor blood flow

Apple is looking into developing more precise biometric sensors for future AirPods models, following the release of a recent sensor…


Researchers developing brainwave biometric system leveraging “chill response” to music

California State Polytechnic University researchers have developed a biometric authentication system based on the decoding of brainwave patterns by a…


UB researchers have developed heart scan authentication system

A University of Buffalo-led research team has developed a contactless authentication system that can scan the dimensions of a user’s…

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