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Health centers in Palamu set to introduce biometric attendance systems

Biometric attendance systems are set to be installed at health centers in the Palamu division in Jharkhand, India, as absenteeism…


Margao Municipal Council looks to install biometric attendance system

The Margao Municipal Council (MMC) in the Indian state of Goa has decided to implement a biometric workforce management system…


MinuteHound offers Valentine’s Day deal on biometric scanners

Roses are red, violets are blue, but I just want to make sure you really are you. MinuteHound, a provider…


Biometric verification machines go missing in Ghana

Four biometric verification machines used in Ghana’s 2012 presidential elections have mysteriously disappeared. Steve Opoku-Mensah, the Western Regional Director of…


Faculty at Vinoba Bhave University reject biometric attendance

Plans to install a biometric attendance system throughout the Vinoba Bhave University system has angered teachers, who have vowed to…


Fault in biometric attendance system allows buddy punching at SDMC

Employees at the South Delhi Municipal Corporation in India have found a way to dupe biometric attendance machines to record…


Russia to introduce biometric ID cards in 2015

Russia will begin issuing electronic ID cards in 2015 to replace existing internal passports, which will include biometric data of…


Technical glitch disrupts Emirates ID transactions

Following a “technical glitch,” official transactions related to national ID cards in the UAE were disrupted for nearly two days….


Dragnet Solutions launches biometric scholarship and bursary management system

Dragnet Solutions has just announced the launch of its Scholarship and Bursary Management Service (SBMS) system, which relies on fingerprint…


Dragnet Solutions, Warwick Warp Ltd. to create biometric database for West African countries

Dragnet Solutions, along with Warwick Warp Ltd., is looking to launch a centralized biometric identity database for West African nations, allAfrica reports….

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