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Biometrics Institute organizes consultative workshops for Good Practice Framework

Biometrics Institute‘s Good Practice Framework has been in development for the past year, as the organization has been focusing on…


Ada Lovelace Institute to review governance of biometric data

The Ada Lovelace Institute has selected Matthew Ryder to head up an independent review of the governance of biometric data,…


Growth prospects for aviation and automotive biometrics top digital ID stories of the week

Growth in and trade show announcements around a wide range of biometric applications topped the week’s news, with rapid adoption…


Yoti outlines humanitarian and digital identity research plans in 2020 Social Purpose Strategy

Yoti’s 2020 Social Purpose Strategy has been published by the company. “Social purpose is at the heart of everything” Yoti…


France looks to establish legal framework to deploy biometric video surveillance

French officials are looking into a legal framework to deploy public video surveillance embedded with facial recognition technology, writes RFI….


2019 industry insight: most read biometrics and digital identity insiders guest posts

From the very beginning of 2019, biometrics industry stakeholders engaged with Biometric Update on the pressing issues of the year,…


Academic research into biometrics included in Scottish Parliament investigation of policing

A criminologist from Northumbria University researching how biometric technologies are used in law enforcement and their impact on individuals has…


Government action, facial biometrics and industry responsibility top identity news of the week

Numerous announcements were made this week of biometric deployments and implementations, for airports, retail security, and national digital ID programs….


Port of Seattle pushes back on facial recognition as TSA plans next steps for biometric pilots

The launch of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP’s) Biometric Exit at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has been halted, after the…


Genetics specialist calls for crack down on DNA databases and biometric companies enabling repression

A call to crack down on companies selling DNA-profiling technologies to customers performing human rights abuses has been made in…

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