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Prototype consumer camera to integrate eye-tracking biometrics

Every year, more and more technological advancements and breakthroughs are being conceptualised and developed. On such anticipated breakthrough is the…


Face.com fixes major facial recognition exploit

Israeli facial recognition firm Face.com has patched its mobile application due to a major vulnerability that allowed anyone to use its…


Microsoft Files Biometric Emotion Monitoring Patent

This week, Microsoft filed a patent for tracking systems that detect a user’s emotions to match online advertisements to moods….


Biometrics will Challenge the Security and Privacy of Social Networking

Privacy protection will become increasingly critical once biometrics are integrated into personal computing profiles. Currently, biometrics are mostly the domain…


Social Media

BiometricUpdate.com makes it easy for you to access content and participate in lively discussions pertaining to the biometrics industry when…


The Biometric Update Team

Biometric Update is published by the Biometrics Research Group Inc., a leading market research supplier and consultancy to the global…

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