The Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) requires organizations to acquire consent prior to collecting a person’s biometric data for commercial purposes.


Facebook loses motion and new biometric privacy suits filed under BIPA

Facebook is a step closer to being forced to pay out damages which could reach $35 billion in a suit…


MegaFace facial recognition dataset origin raises privacy and liability concerns

Pictures of two kids from Illinois made it to a biometric facial recognition database after their mom created a Flickr…


Businesses and courts continue to struggle with Illinois biometric privacy law scope

A litigating attorney specializing in cybersecurity and related issues is warning that recent lawsuits under Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act…


What businesses need to know about the Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act

This is a guest post by Ana Tagvoryan, Jeffrey N. Rosenthal and David J. Oberly, attorneys at Blank Rome LLP….


Designing a defense: strategies for defending against an Illinois biometric class action

This is a guest post by Ana Tagvoryan, Jeffrey N. Rosenthal and David J. Oberly, attorneys at Blank Rome LLP….


New biometrics privacy lawsuits filed against video sharing and loss prevention systems

A class-action suit has been filed against video sharing platform Vimeo over the use of biometric facial recognition in its…


Chamber of Commerce urges dismissal of biometric privacy suit against Facebook

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others have stepped up in support of Facebook’s attempt to have a class action…


High traffic identification tops this week’s biometrics and digital ID news

Progress in Nigeria and in airport biometrics systems make up several of the most popular articles on Biometric Update this…


Vendors not liable for employers’ biometric procedures as BIPA details challenged

Vendors supplying biometric solutions to employers for time and attendance tracking are not necessarily liable for damages under Illinois’ BIPA,…


BIPA suit brought against Home Depot for loss prevention biometrics

Home Depot is the latest company to be hit by a potential class action suit for alleged unlawful biometrics use…

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