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Biometric Update regularly publishes news about emotion recognition. The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning emotion recognition. Additional topics may be perused by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Biometric data collection by Chinese government still growing, along with breaches

Beijing appears to be ramping up its collection of biometric data, as reports roll in of increased surveillance and monitoring…


Facial analysis still biased, press still confusing it with facial recognition

An assistant professor at the University of Maryland performed an audit of leading facial recognition services Government Technology claims, and…


New unsupervised AI method performs multimodal emotion recognition

Researchers from the University of Trento and Eurecat Centre Tecnològic have developed a new artificial intelligence method capable of performing…


China develops face biometrics, AI tool to test Party member loyalty

New research from the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center hints at the development of a new biometric device allegedly capable…


Microsoft restricts facial recognition services, sunsets facial analysis

Microsoft has released their Responsible AI Standard, a framework to guide the company’s work in artificial intelligence. Calling it “an…


Automakers preview biometric integration; study sees growth in that market

Car makers are showing off innovations in biometric integration for drivers, ranging from facial recognition that spots distracted or drowsy…


Emotion recognition AI finding fans among lawyers swaying juries and potential clients

The American Bar Association has taken greater notice of emotional AI as a tool for honing courtroom and marketing performance….


CyberLink launches facial recognition APIs for developers

CyberLink released its facial recognition APIs for the ‘FaceMe Platform’ to enable its integration into systems, workflows, IoT solutions, and web…


California turns to biometrics in the workplace. Law, regulations being debated

California legislators and regulators are stirring again. This time, they see problems with how employers are using biometric surveillance and…


AI improving at sentiment recognition, already good at rash judgement, studies show

When a person demonstrates a low emotional quotient (EQ), they are sometimes described as having robotic reactions. Normal human reactions…

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