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Biometric Update regularly releases posts related to the term "fiingerprints." The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning "fiingerprints" and other relevant terms. Additional topics may be explored by accessing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


Vendors not liable for employers’ biometric procedures as BIPA details challenged

Vendors supplying biometric solutions to employers for time and attendance tracking are not necessarily liable for damages under Illinois’ BIPA,…


Kodiak Industries’ smart gun uses fingerprint technology for gun safety

Kodiak Industries in Utah have developed a “smart gun” that uses fingerprint technology for gun safety, reports Good 4 Utah….


FBI seeks mobile biometric identification app for Android devices

The FBI has released a draft request for quotes in regards to a five-year contract to develop a mobile biometric…


Mountain America Credit Union offers duel biometric login for mobile banking app

Mountain America Credit Union has launched the beta release of a duel biometric mobile banking login feature, enabling mobile app…

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