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Biometric Update regularly writes articles about licence plate readers. The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news related to licence plate readers. Additional tags may be perused by reviewing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


VSBLTY partners on face biometrics and threat detection data for first responders

VSBLTY and RapidSOS have announced a new collaboration to provide first responders and 911 telecommunicators with the ability to access…


The Man’s still watching college kids, now with biometric surveillance — report

U.S. college and university campuses are as interested in biometric surveillance as any other public and private organization, according to…


Unioncommunity integrates face biometrics with licence plate readers for motorcycle parking system

Unioncommunity has announced the development of a parking management solution for motorcycles that combines face biometric authentication with automated license-plate recognition….


Neurotechnology updates SentiVeillance SDK with biometrics for masked faces, new tracking features

A new version of the SentiVeillance computer vision software with face biometrics has been released by Neurotechnology to add face detection…


Idemia NSS advances in Base of the Future AFWERX challenges with biometric identity checks

Idemia National Security Solutions (NSS) is providing biometric technology as one of the 92 finalists in the Base of the…


Smart Cities get real: biometric capable tech helps regulate borders, save first responders

Smart City projects are gaining momentum as biometric tech comes to the fore in the battle against COVID-19, but one…


Human rights advocates criticize biometric surveillance systems in Belgrade, São Paulo

Belgrade-based human rights non-profit SHARE Foundation has investigated the 2019 partnership between the Serbian government and tech giant Huawei, which…


Ring denies considering adding object, license plate and facial recognition to home security system

Ring has responded to a report on a confidential survey sent to beta testers and shared with Ars Technica, denying…


BriefCam adds facial biometrics to mobile app, LPR and people counting to video analytics platform

BriefCam has upgraded its product portfolio with biometric facial recognition introduced to its mobile app, and new video analytics capabilities…


Abu Dhabi police upgrade patrol cars with live biometric facial recognition

Abu Dhabi police will start using live biometric facial recognition technology, embedded in smart bars on top of their patrol…

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