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Helios and Matheson Analytics, RedZone licenses facial recognition from IsItYou


Helios and Matheson Analytics and RedZone have acquired global licensing rights to IsItYou’s facial recognition technology in the field of crime and terrorism.

RedZone plans to integrate RedZone Map’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology and proprietary real-time crime database with IsItYou’s facial recognition technology.

Through the integration of the two technologies, RedZone Map users will be able to identify individuals whose image they are able to capture on the user’s smartphone camera or video, if the identification can be collected through RedZone’s available data sources and AI technology.

RedZone plans to eventually develop the capability of delivering real-time notifications of criminally active people in a user’s area – such as at large events or public spaces — by seeking permitted access to publicly located surveillance cameras operated by private enterprises or government agencies.

In addition, RedZone expects that the integration of IsItYou’s facial recognition technology with RedZone Map will further improve the personal safety of its users in the United States and internationally.

“Through artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology, we will seek to develop the capability to identify dangerous people entering an area and notify our users in real time,” said Ted Farnsworth, founder of RedZone. “Sending notifications to our users of when their safety is more likely at risk, whether at a concert, in a shopping mall, or simply walking down the street, would greatly increase the utility of RedZone Map to our users. This is a key goal in our continuing development of RedZone Map.”

RedZone has already started integrating and plans to continue integrating the facial recognition technology with its real-time crime/navigation app over the coming months.

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