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Liveness Detection

Biometric liveness refers to the use of computer vision technology to detect the genuine presence of a living user, rather than a representation such as a photograph or a mask. Presentation attack detection (PAD) technologies can utilize active or passive detection methods. Typically associated with facial recognition, liveness can also be applied to voice recognition to distinguish present speakers from audio recordings, and finger or palm biometrics such as by detecting blood flow, and even iris recognition. Find liveness detection solutions.

The Home Office in the United Kingdom will be running an unsupervised self-service kiosk trial in the UK relying on…

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ID document validation and selfie biometrics providers invited to join DHS tech demo

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science & Technology Directorate is hosting a challenge for remote ID validation technologies to…


PayEye dual biometrics win FIDO certification with zero PAD errors

Polish fintech provider PayEye has obtained its FIDO Biometric Component Certification and proven highly resistant to presentation attacks, according to…


Biometrics trends for 2023: multimodal and MFA to grow alongside privacy regulations

As we enter the last week of 2022, we look at some of the  biometrics and digital ID trends predicted…


Biometric PAD developed by ITL, upgraded by ROC, tested by Israeli govt lab

Innovative Technology has upgraded its full portfolio of biometrics products with presentation attack detection capabilities to protect against fraud attempts….


Id3 biometric liveness detection startup Face-Alive emerges with planned CES appearance

Biometric liveness detection startup Face-Alive is planning to present its product at CES 2023 in Las Vegas at the beginning…


ID R&D demystifies biometric PAD terminology with new paper to help educate customers, public

As presentation attack detection becomes more well known as an important element in any biometric system being used for fraud…


Liveness detection may be coming to Apple, gesture recognition lives on for Google devices

Intellectual property protection claims by Apple for liveness detection with fingerprints or face biometrics have been published by the U.S….


Tech5 extends AirSnap face biometrics to web cams

Swiss-headquartered Tech5 has introduced face-capture software it says is capable of securely collecting accurate face biometrics with a web camera…


US govt wants black-belt AI experts, better biometric verification

The federal government is rolling out two incentive programs to push a variety of biometrics programs to evolve faster. The…

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