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Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics systems can be used to verify a person’s claimed identity or to identify a particular person. It is often used where voice is the only available biometric identifier, such as over the telephone. Find voice biometric systems here.


Pindrop raises $100M in venture debt to scale voice deepfake protection

Voice deepfake attacks capable of fooling call center agents, automated systems, employees and loved ones have spiked this year, with…


Voice biometrics need hybrid model for secure authentication, says Meta patent

Engineers at Meta have filed for a patent to cover an authentication system that combines voice biometrics with skin vibrations….


Meta, Trust Stamp among firms turning attention to deepfake detection

Like an ouroboros swallowing its tail, AI continues its cycle of begetting deepfake fraud and detection tools to stop it….


McDonald’s pauses AI voice ordering system developed with IBM

Despite claims that AI is infiltrating every corner of our lives, it will not be at the McDonald’s drive-through for…


New multilingual audio deepfake detection coming to Reality Defender

Reality Defender is set to announce the launch of enhanced multilingual deepfake detection in its tool suite. In an exclusive…


Klick Labs develops deepfake detection method focusing on vocal biomarkers

The rise in deepfake audio technology has significant threats in various domains, such as personal privacy, political manipulation, and national…


ID R&D patents voice biometrics and spoof detection to protect smart devices

ID R&D has been granted a patent for integrated voice biometrics and spoof detection for keywords and short requests used…


Pindrop claims up to 99% accuracy detecting synthetic voice fraud plaguing call centers

Pindrop has released its 2024 Voice Intelligence and Security Report, and its conclusions will come as no surprise to anyone…


Bank of Ireland to introduce voice biometrics to authentication for phone interactions

Bank of Ireland announced it will invest more than €34 million (roughly US$36 million) to upgrade its phone and CRM…


Business needs biometric protection from voice deepfakes, lawmakers want watermarks

Policy-makers may still be catching up to deepfakes, but biometric liveness detection developers are much further ahead, according to a…

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