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Biometric access control is a form of security. Physical access control regulates who or what can access locations such as building, campuses, rooms, or safes, and therefore ranges from automatic doors to padlocks. Logical access control limits accessibility to computer networks, accounts, systems and data. Find biometric access control solutions here.

Q5id has partnered up with SkyPoint Cloud, to build an integrated privacy controls and compliance solution featuring its biometric identity…

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AWS Single Sign-On now supports WebAuthn multi-factor authentication tools like YubiKeys

Support for Yubico in the AWS environment has been expanded with the introduction of native WebAuthn support for AWS Single Sign-On…


FIDO standards from biometrics to government adoption in the spotlight at Authenticate 2020

FIDO standards have reached the point where governments are including them in their digital ID policies, according to a speaker… biometrics for COVID-19 detection deployed to Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo

Facial recognition from Israeli startup has been deployed to Tokyo’s Hello Kitty Land, as part of a health monitoring system…


BIO-Key partners to provide multi-factor IAM solution for U.S. DoD agency

BIO-key says it has engaged a partnership with Prominic.NET to deploy its PortalGuard Identity Access Management (IAM) solution for an…


Two in three prefer biometrics to MFA for online retail, FIDO Alliance research reveals

A new survey conducted by the FIDO Alliance in the UK has revealed a significant loss in sales for retailers…


Uniken adds WFH capabilities to native smartphone biometrics solution Rel-ID

Digital cybersecurity solutions company Uniken has announced an update to its Rel-ID solution to include remote access, Work From Home…


EyeLock iris biometric devices get new mask detection and access control capabilities

EyeLock has announced that its nano iXT iris recognition device can now detect masks and deny access to physical premises when…


Fed up with passwords and bad onboardings, consumers consider biometrics

Biometric authentication is increasingly attractive to U.S. consumers, according to a vendor-sponsored report. Facial and fingerprint recognition are preferable than…


Plurilock and Gluu team up on continuous biometric authentication solutions

Cybersecurity firm Plurilock announced on Wednesday a new partnership with open source identity and access management (IAM) software vendor, Gluu….

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