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Biometric Update offers exclusive features and executive interviews along with forward-looking, systematic data about the global biometrics market. Interviews provide perspectives from companies in the industry, their partners, analysts and other stakeholders in the ecosystem, individually or as part of in-depth features. Read our exclusive ID4Africa coverage.

OnlyFake.org caused a stir among digital identity verification providers and businesses relying on biometrics to onboard customers when it was…

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Overcoming barriers Australia’s Digital ID Bill imposes on proof of Aboriginality

It’s been broadly discussed that Australia’s pending Digital ID Bill will have implications for how finance, business, and travel are…


Firms join the deepfake dance, offering responses to new AI threats

A rash of deepfake attacks has brought a note of panic to biometrics and other industries, which are waking up…


The quest for legal ID by inhabitants of disputed Cameroonian territory Bakassi

Along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in southwestern Cameroon lies an oil-rich peninsular called Bakassi, a territory full of…


Bold Commerce and Wink partner to power entire checkout experience with biometrics

Today, Bold Commerce has announced the launch of its biometric checkout offering, powered by biometric identity and payments provider Wink….


Assessing digital identity systems for access to financial, government services in Nigeria

In today’s rapidly evolving digital age, the importance of establishing one’s identity has become increasingly recognized as a fundamental prerequisite…


Yubico is taking cybersecurity to Hollywood

Stina Ehrensvard wants to make cybersecurity as popular as chess. The co-founder of Yubico, the company hardware authentication device YubiKey,…


Biometrics applications rebalanced in 2023 to address questions about age and liveness

The increasingly rapid growth of biometrics deployments and digital identities issued makes the field both challenging and rewarding to cover….


Demystifying the relationship between commercial biometrics and privacy

Each day, biometric payment systems and computer vision-based shopping experiences are popping up at more establishments throughout the world. But…


The govt body fighting against extortion in Cameroon’s civil registration sector

Adeline N., a mother of four, resident in the town of Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon, secured…

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