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Metrics that matter – How to evaluate identity verification technology

Metrics that matter – How to evaluate identity verification technology

If you’re confused by all the identity verification solutions on the market and how they’re different, you’re not alone. With everyone claiming to have the fastest and most accurate solution for helping you know and trust your customers, it can be hard to decide which one is really the best.

The technical jargon makes it even more challenging. Does your solution really need artificial intelligence? How is it different from machine learning? What is an algorithm, anyway? In this e-book, Jumio explores all the angles you need to consider when evaluating identity verification solutions.

What You’ll Learn:

– Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Demystified
– The Importance of Big Data
– Understanding Accuracy Metrics
– Orchestration of Risk Signals
– Liveness Detection
– Breadth and Depth of Supported IDs
– Security is Paramount
– 100% Automated…Or Is it?
– Omnichannel Support

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