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Single-frame facial liveness detection: How it works to reduce user friction and abandonment

The ability to ascertain facial liveness from a single-image frame enables high-performance presentation attack detection without adding friction to the…


Oosto offers advice on facial recognition implementations for stadium security

When violence occurs in stadiums and arenas, security staff are often not surprised by the identity of the perpetrators, but…


Preventing stadium violence

Many stadiums and sports venues are left wondering how they can safeguard the fan experience and keep hooligans, criminals and…


Preventing stadium violence

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Mitigating demographic bias in facial presentation attack detection

Bias in AI-powered biometric algorithms can lead to unfair treatment of individuals in certain demographic groups based on their gender,…


The ultimate retail experience starts with facial recognition

As digital transformation sweeps across our society, bringing together the physical and virtual worlds, the retail space is changing in…


5 success factors for onboarding more good customers faster

Onboarding is not just about keeping bad actors out, it’s about letting good customers in. Unfortunately for many companies, the…


Improving the ATM experience with biometrics multi-factor authentication

ATMs in the U.S. and other parts of the world have generally validated the identity of bank customers with something…


How biometric technology is reinventing patient identification

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Princeton Identity offers advice for biometric upgrades to commercial real estate

Biometric identity solutions can be part of a premium experience for commercial property tenants and their visitors, according to Princeton…

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