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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement biometrics refers to applications and biometric systems which aid law enforcement agencies. While most often fingerprints, DNA, and in some cases facial recognition, this is a wide-ranging category and can include AFIS, ABIS, mobile identification systems, criminal ID solutions, fingerprint recognition, surveillance, as well as access control systems.

The infrastructure behind Ireland’s Public Services Card (PSC), an ID credential for accessing services, does not track holders’ biometric data,…

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Irish skepticism of facial recognition use by cops seems born out in Scotland, Canada

A civil liberties group in Ireland is warning government officials that police use of facial recognition for investigations – illegal…


Facial recognition trials initiated to fight crime at NZ grocery stores

A grocery cooperative in New Zealand is testing facial recognition tools in several stores as a way to combat a…


US biometric surveillance database reaches 10,000 data points

A privacy advocate’s database counting the United States government bodies that surveil citizens’ biometric identifiers reportedly now has 9,850 data…


EU Biometric Entry/Exit may add to border wait times; Statewatch worries

Waiting times for travelers at borders may increase substantially after the deployment of the European Union‘s biometric Entry/Exit System (EES)….


G20 security system’s facial recognition technology in Bali supplied by Asli and Innovatrics

Details regarding the facial recognition technology deployed at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia have begun to slowly emerge, including…


Next biometric identification: The Werewolf

It can be forgotten sometimes that the biometrics has roles beyond identity security and surveillance. Like tracking down possible vampires….


First-ever biometric code of practice now active in Scotland

The Code of Practice (CoP) governing the use of biometric data including DNA in criminal justice in Scotland is now…


Italy to limit face biometrics systems use nationwide to police

Italy’s watchdog Data Protection Agency has warned two municipalities experimenting with face biometrics to stop until governing legislation is adopted…


Facial recognition deployed for G20 immigration control, security in Bali

Facial recognition technology has been deployed to help ensure the safety of world leaders attending the G20 Summit in Bali,…

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