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ID for All

UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 calls for legal identity for all by 2030. Read Biometric Update news and in-depth features about digital identity projects in developing countries. Listen to our ID16.9 podcast.

The recent adoption by African leaders of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights Relating to…

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Jamaican PM’s office says national digital ID coming in Q1 of this year

The Jamaican government has announced its intention to complete phase one of the National Identification System (NIDS) enrolment and ID-card…


Nigeria expects to miss digital ID registration goal set by World Bank

Nigeria does not expect to meet the goal for digital ID issuance set by the World Bank for this year….


DPI will contribute up to 4% to India’s GDP by 2030, report says

India’s digital public infrastructure (DPI) contributed a whopping $31.8 billion to the country’s economy in 2022 and there are projections…


World Bank gives South Sudan $10M for biometrics to ID govt payroll thieves

A project funded by the World Bank to help clean up South Sudan’s public service payroll has officially rolled out….


Maisha Namba issuance to resume as Kenyan High Court lifts injunction

Kenya will resume printing national ID cards, the government announced after the country’s high court lifted an injunction against the…


World Bank reportedly considering $321M DPI project for Jordan

The World Bank is reported to be working on a project to support the development of Jordan’s digital public infrastructure…


Passport and digital ID card scandal unravels in Pakistan

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has conducted a secret operation that involved giving Afghan individuals fake passports from Pakistan, in…


UNHCR biometric program facilitates cash aid delivery to 39K Afghan returnees

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) says one of its cash-support programs, “Forcibly Returned Afghans Enrollment (FARE)” in Afghanistan, has provided…


Digital ID can boost GDP of implementing countries up to 13%: UNECA

Statistics and data experts have posited that properly implemented digital ID systems have the potential to significantly boost the economies…


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