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OVD Kinegram AG

Website: kinegram.com

OVD Kinegram is a leader in the field of physical security elements for government issued ID documents and banknotes. The company has been the innovator in this industry for over 30 years. Today, with more than 250 employees, OVD Kinegram is the technological center of excellence of the KURZ Group in the field of high security applications. In addition to the optical features, OVD Kinegram also provides attractive solutions for the RFID components in electronic passports and other biometric ID documents. To complement these products smartphone based document verification using digital inspection processes are available. The continuous development in optical technology, design, materials and application methods is at the core of OVD Kinegram’s success. The continuous improvements focus on the unique integration of digital and physical security technologies to provide an unprecedented level of protection against counterfeiting and manipulation. The company has been supporting clients worldwide to produce secure government documents. Trust is the highest recognition, which can be given for good work and an optimal product.

OVD Kinegram AG Biometrics News


Kinegram provides machine authentication technology for Acuant document checks

Acuant has tapped OVD Kinegram to provide automated authentication of optical security devices in identity documents under a new partnership….

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