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Articles By Ivar Wiersma

Ivar has 20 years’ experience in banking, capital markets, fintech, venture building and corporate innovation. He has launched new banking products, Led innovation, Blockchain and Advanced Analytics teams at ING and co-founded ING Labs, responsible for creating 15+ ventures and company spin-outs. Ivar has been an advisor, investor and board member for start-ups and has served 2 years on the R3 board, prior to joining the firm as head of Venture Development. The Venture Development program supports more than 175 startups building on Corda with services ranging from technical support, mentorship, business and strategy support, access to capital and customers as well as community events and workshops. In addition to leading the Venture Development program globally, Ivar leads R3’s digital identity strategy and has a specific focus on self-sovereign identity projects on Corda.

With the fallout from the pandemic accelerating digital transformation at a pace that would have never been anticipated, it is…

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Saving trust in digital identity will take transparency and decentralization

This is a guest post by Ivar Wiersma, Head of Venture Development at R3 Throughout recent years, we’ve seen organisations…

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