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Website: authme.com

AuthMe is a Taiwan-based startup providing next-gen identity authentication solution. Its solution leverages facial recognition and passive liveness detection to detect AI-powered fraud attacks such as Deepfake. Additionally, combining its biometric ID reading technology, AuthMe is able to make sure ID authenticity with 100% accuracy. The solution allows enterprises to onboard customers safer, faster, and simpler. Not only could it be used in KYC process, but also in any scenario that requires to know customers real identity. The whole authentication process can be completed with only three steps and within three minutes. AuthMe defends digital identity.

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TrustID, AuthMe, and KABN reach for new digital ID verification markets

The start of 2021 is bringing several tech companies together, working on biometric and digital identity solutions. This past week…

Oct 6, 2020

Major shift underway towards documents in identity proofing, Jumio argues

Jumio is arguing that ID document and selfie biometric checks have become cost-effective for preventing fraud in online services, compared to…

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