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Biometrics in international airports

Biometrics in international airports

International airports are the world’s busiest facilities. For this reason, airports must utilize access security and sophisticated video surveillance to constantly monitor the many guests they welcome, in addition to the personnel who provide key ground services such as luggage check-in and handling.

Most airports in North America and Europe, whether international or domestic, have the most advanced security and video surveillance systems available. After the tragedy of 9/11, security around these ports of entry has grown ever tighter. Now, it is no surprise to find that a single airport can have as many as six layers of security being applied at any one time.

Among these security measures is video surveillance to watch over their personnel, passengers moving from one gate to another and also to monitor parking lots and baggage areas. Airports also employ access security for airline personnel. The last security measure is the combination of data gathered by airport security, which is then sent to a central control center for close monitoring.

Most airports have added newer technologies such as license plates readers at parking lots to dispense tickets to vehicle owners and unmanned check-in counters to speed passenger check-in. These new steps are all aimed to lessen the direct contact between airport personnel and passengers.

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