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Precise Biometrics Hires New Chief Commercial Officer


Late last month, Thomas Marschall, CEO and president of Precise Biometrics announced the new chief commercial officer and executive vice president, Etienne Veber.

Veber’s entry to the company comes at an opportune time when Precise Biometrics is making waves with its ambitious global sales efforts focusing on the US market. He will be a part of the company’s senior management team.

Veber will be based at Precise Biometrics’ US subsidiary and his responsibilities include global sales, marketing, business development and product management. With very strong management background from various well-known US companies, Veber is equipped to take on the challenge.

“As a very important milestone of our ambitious growth plans, I am pleased to have hired Etienne Veber in the capacity of Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President. The recruitment is in line with our ambitious global sales efforts with major focus in the U.S. market”, says Marschall.

Precise Biometrics delivers biometric solutions to companies and public organizations throughout the world. It targets the US market as it accounts for about one third of total sales in the biometrics market, the largest geographic market for biometric solutions in the world. By 2015, the US banking and government markets are expected to double, which is in line with Precise’s Plan 2015.

Precise Biometrics have already gained entry into the US Federal Government as it passed the U.S. government agency test MINEX II – the key standard to qualify for the government agency project. As a result, its Match-on-Card technology, its flagship product in recent years, has been used by all of the 50,000 employees at US embassies and consulates. The technology enables the matching and storage of fingerprints on smart cards which the employees use to encrypt and access network data and to digitally sign documents or send encrypted e-mails.

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2 Replies to “Precise Biometrics Hires New Chief Commercial Officer”

  1. it’s driverless. Moreover half of the files I coepid to the private directory appear in the public directory. When I tried it again in my own computer, I could click on the fingerprint application, but it would not launch.I lost a day’s work because I trusted the device to hold my files, and it did not, so I had to come back home.

  2. Yeah, and there isn’t any easy answer becsaue who polices the police? How can you really trust authorities with your data? Tricky. However none of that will still stop determined terrorists, although it might give the illusion of safety, which is probably what governments are more interested in.

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