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UAE announces world’s largest biometric database


The Emirates Identity Authority announced yesterday that it possesses the world’s biggest database of biometric information, with around 103 million digital fingerprints and more than 15 million facial recognition records and digital signatures.

To make these numbers even more impressive, the Emirates ID has also submitted an application to the World Record Academy to register recognition of this new kind of record.

World Record Academy is the leading international organisation which certifies world records.

Gulf News reported that the World Record Academy has confirmed that no other government or authority has made a similar claim for such a record, and that per its website, 90 per cent of the new world records applications are verified within three days.

“This is contributing to strengthening national and individual security in the State, as well as supporting the comprehensive development programs in the country” said Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, director general of Emirates ID.

Emirates ID developed a plan in 2009 which contributed to doubling the number of population registers and therefore the fingerprints of individuals over the past three years by six times.

“Providing a comprehensive database of inhabitants’ fingerprints, will contribute and support projects related to Emirates national vision 2021, aimed at enhancing the security and advancement of society,” said Dr. Al Khouri.

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5 Replies to “UAE announces world’s largest biometric database”

  1. Guys –

    I do not want to spoil your party, but the truth needs to be told.

    The biometric DB you are talking about (Emirates ID) is no where near to India’s Adhaar program. We have already enrolled 210 Million residents and by year end would be recording 300 million templates each (finger, Iris and facial). The second biggest biometric DB is that of US visa deptt (US-VISIT) containg more than 120 Million enrollments. 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting on this article and challenging the claims of the UAE. Please note we only reported the claim of the Emirates Identity Authority (http://www.emiratesid.gov.ae/en/home.aspx). Ultimately, the size of their database will need to be verified by an independent, third-party. However, you are correct that the unverified size of other databases are larger than that of the UAE. We agree with your figures on biometric enrolments in India, and with the fact that the country is building the world’s largest biometric database (https://www.biometricupdate.com/201205/india-building-worlds-largest-biometric-database/). Furthermore, we have reported that Indonesia has undertaken a project to biometrically enrol all of its 172 million residents (https://www.biometricupdate.com/201209/biometric-consortium-event-a-success/). UAE’s number claim might emerge from it being a major world air transit point.

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