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ABT Security Systems release new wireless remote camera line

A new wireless remote camera from ABT Security Systems called Redeye allows its users to monitor remote locations anywhere there is a mobile phone network.

Management of the Redeye Camera is via security grade online hosting which ensures secure transmission and access to security images. The online platform allows users to view and manage the captured security images from their desktop and for added security the images can be digitally encrypted. The system can also be configured to send users email or SMS alerts.

Currently the system is mainly being used by New Zealand and Australian law enforcement agencies.

ABT Security Systems is also receiving interest for the product from the hospitality and retail sectors. With no cabling costs associated with installation, many hotels, clubs and retailers believe the device is as an affordable option to deliver security and workplace safety in areas where hard wiring was previously problematic. Further, the camera has a built-in infrared capability with night vision.

“The applications are endless,” says Reg King, CEO of ABT Security Systems. “We’ve recently set-up cameras for construction companies on building sites. Project managers can view construction progress off-site, monitor scheduled deliveries of materials, and ensure equipment and materials are secure.”

“We’ve also had interest from environmental agencies in regard to flood mitigation and the monitoring of sudden weather changes. The ease of deployment and the portability of the cameras is seen as a real benefit.”

Mining companies have also been quick to see the advantages, as have major Utility companies. Mining operations need constant surveillance to ensure operational efficiency and safety but the remoteness of the locations can make daily onsite inspections difficult. With the Redeye camera engineers and safety officers are able to conduct site monitoring in Northern Queensland from their offices in Sydney.

Electricity suppliers can see benefits for remote substation monitoring while water utilities see applications for holding pond and dam monitoring.

“The industrial sectors we’re currently talking to are genuinely excited by this product,” says King. “At half the cost and twice the quality, the Redeye camera is an affordable, easy solution.”

The Redeye camera has also purportedly solved problems associated with sending high quality images via mobile networks.

The camera is the first to incorporate PSIS, a technique where the surveillance camera operates between CCTV and digital still camera modes. Images are captured and stored in high resolution without the usual degradation in quality of CCTV still images. Importantly, PSIS allows for the speedy transmission of high quality images over the mobile network.

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