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Cognitec face recognition products get an algorithm boost


Two prevalent face recognition products from Cognitec Systems, the FACEVACS-DBScan and FaceVACS-SDK are now using the B7 engine for high performance in facial database search and other recognition applications.

According to the Germany-based company, the B7 algorithm shows a significant boost in performance for recognizing faces in low-resolution images, as well as partial faces and images with significant noise.

FACEVACS-DBScan now lets users compare still images from various sources with those stored in massive image databases with millions of records and instantly view match lists with similar identities. The examiner application withing FaceVACS-DBScan works to improve low-quality images from crime scene photos and surveillance videos, enhancing law enforcement’s ability to make more effective match results when comparing against mug shot repositories.

FaceVACS-SDK 8.6, the new iteration of Cognitec’s comprehensive software development kit, provides all the development tools for facial recognition and detection use cases.

As we’ve previously reported, facial recognition is being deployed widely, finding prevalent uses from law enforcement to tracking consumer shopping habits in real time, and competition is heating up in the space.

Animetrics Inc. recently showcased its new ForensicaGPS platform, boasting three-dimensional visualizations and impressive predictive facial construction for identification and face matching when using partial and obscured facial images.

In September, Cognitec unveiled its FaceVACS-VideoScan tool to detect and extract faces in live video streams or video footage and uses anonymous facial analysis to count individuals, generate demographical information, track movement and detect frequent visitors in a crowd.


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