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First NSTIC pilot goes live

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Daon, a provider of biometric identity management and authentication solutions has announced that the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), is the initial pilot participant to “go live” as part of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) initiative.

As reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, Daon was selected last year to lead the team to develop an “identity ecosystem” to protect users from cybercrimes. The system will allow individuals to validate their identities securely while doing sensitive transactions like banking or viewing health records. The plan came nearly two years after the White House first released its Cyberspace Policy Review, which set forth a national plan for internet identities.

Enrollment of AAAE airport executive members taking part in the Daon-led pilot began today.

Participating AAAE members are using credentials based on patented IdentityX risk-based, multi-factor, mobile authentication technology to access restricted, member-only areas of the association’s website.  They will use their smartphones or tablets to verify their identity, leveraging privacy-enhancing methods, each time they access the website sections that house sensitive data. The identity management services are hosted in the cloud by TrustX, a Daon affiliate.

This is the first relying party participating in a NSTIC pilot to go live and represents a major milestone for the program.  In addition to piloting the use of strong authentication credentials, Daon’s pilot also focuses on the movement of relying party partners to external identity providers and trust frameworks as well as cross-sector credential interoperability.   Following AAAE, other partners scheduled to go live include AARP, PayPal, Purdue University and a major bank.

“We’re excited the first of the five NSTIC pilots has reached a “go live” milestone – and expect to see more of these in the months to come,” Jeremy Grant, Senior Executive Advisor for Identity Management at NIST and leader of the NSTIC National Program Office said. “It’s an important step toward the creation of an Identity Ecosystem where all Americans can choose from a marketplace of more privacy-enhancing, convenient and secure solutions to use in lieu of passwords when they go online.”

Reported previously, in 2012, Daon partnered with CSC to launch ConfidentID Mobile, a biometric identification service primarily aimed to give banks and other financial institutions a better grip on security.

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