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Suprema integrates access control with Milestone Systems video management software


Suprema, a leading global provider of technology in biometrics and security, today announced the integration of its access control and biometric solutions with Milestone Systems video management software.

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS) and its XProtect VMS is used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide. XProtect is an easy-to-use, powerful software package, designed with open architecture. Due to its open nature, XProtect products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other VMS manufacturer, allowing security customers to “mix and match” hardware to fit their needs and budget.

According to today’s announcement, Milestone and Suprema users can now seamlessly link cameras to Suprema-based access control devices, track access control events in Milestone VMS and also display related recorded video. This tight integration brings great convenience to the security industry, because security operators can now quickly react to “access denied”, “door left open” and “door forced” events, by way of both video and access control.

Young S. Moon, Vice President of Suprema Inc. said: “Our goal with integration is to provide our customers with a turnkey package that allows cameras, video management, access control and biometrics to be combined.”

Suprema Inc. is the first biometric based solution provider to integrate with the Milestone XProtect Access Control Module. This achievement was made possible by Camsecure, a South African-based security integrator and software developer, that created the SmartProtect plug-in that integrates both access control and video systems.

SmartProtect combines and centralizes data from multiple access control systems with video to verify critical information quickly and precisely as demonstrated in the video below.

SmartProtect was originally developed in 2013, but this latest version is designed to bring integration to a higher and more responsive level. Francois Malan, Director of Smartprotect states: “This is advanced security system integration. In case of events such as a fire alarm being activated or a door being left open, the system issues a local audible sound and also displays the alarm on the operator monitor. In addition, issued alarms can trigger a predefined video management of the event, such as camera zoom and video sequence recording. So later, the operator can see the video evidence before/during/after the event. We know who has triggered an event, when and where. And also how was the event managed.”

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