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Former Italian Foreign Minister says EU in need of biometrics to monitor migration

Former Italian Foreign Minister says EU in need of biometrics to monitor migration

EU member states must begin implementing stronger policies to ensure that “foreign fighters” and refugees are carefully monitored to ensure the safety of all residents, former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said in an interview with RT.

In the interview, Frattini said that there was a significant issue regarding the “porosity of European external borders.”

Frattinin said that when he was Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs he proposed to have a European common register that would use biometrics and a fingerprints database to monitor and control all individuals who entered European territory.

Unfortunately, Frattini said that the plans to ensure that all programs have biometric visas and biometric controls in place have not yet been completely implemented by EU states.

Frattini makes it clear that these issues cannot be resolved by simply changing the current system, that is, to completely abolish the Schengen area (an area comprised of 26 EU countries that have eliminated passport and other border controls).

Rather, Frattini recommends that the Shcengen area “has to be made safer,” although he does not offer any suggestions as to what can specifically be done.

When asked about how the EU can improve control over its influx of refugees from conflict zones, Frattini said that there is already a possibility that there are random controls of refugees on European territory.

“Unfortunately, as I said, they are not yet implementational measures like largely using biometrics to detect and to check who is in the part of Italy for example, or France, and why,” said Frattini. “Are they entitled to stay? Or not? Thanks to biometrics and the system of European common register there would be that possibility. But as I said, member states are still implementing the final phase to make this system fully operational.”

Watch the whole interview “EU needs biometrics, fingerprints database to monitor migration – Italian ex-FM“.

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