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iOmniscient and CISCO provide facial recognition solution to University Of San Francisco


iOmniscient announced it installed its facial recognition software in partnership with Cisco’s video management system at the University of San Francisco to improve physical security in residence halls.

USF was seeking technology that could effectively manage access to their halls of residence halls without it being intrusive or inconvenient for the school’s 10,000 students.

Standard biometric technologies were not appropriate as they would have required co-operation from the students causing delays when large numbers of students were entering or leaving the halls.

iOmniscient’s “facial recognition system in a crowd” is able to recognize and match multiple faces against an existing database, even in highly populated and uncontrolled areas.

The system checks whether an individual entering the building is authorized to access the facility. In the event that it detects an unauthorized person, it tracks the person across non-overlapping cameras.

The data is then sent to CISCO’s video management system which notifies the front desk attendant.

The system has also helped to boost the productivity of the university’s staff, enabling them to fulfill their objectives more effectively and with fewer staff than if they were performing the task manually.

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