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Securiport provides biometric immigration control system to reduce spread of the Ebola virus


Securiport announced it is providing advanced biometric screening technologies to aid government and health organizations in reducing the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa.

Additionally, the company is providing thorough contact tracing data analytics to help these organizations more effectively monitor and control the spread of the virus, diminish the health risks and reduce the economic impact.

Securiport has implemented its immigration control systems, free of cost, to local governments in seven West African nations. This includes Sierra Leone, Senegal and Equatorial Guinea, with new implementations in Liberia and Guinea pending activation.

“One of the more complex challenges in the fight against the spread of Ebola is managing the flow of infected individuals from one country to the next,” said Anibal Cheble, general manager of Securiport Sierra Leone. “Our intelligent biometric technology and data analytics keep governments informed and empowered. With our tools, they can effectively monitor the flow of people from across borders, making it easier to stop the virus from transferring from region to region.”

Governments in the region have a lack of infrastructure and systems in place to effectively monitor individuals’ contact with infected citizens, or travel to the areas where infection has been documented due to airlines suspending all commercial flights into these regions.

“Part of the solution to controlling and suppressing this outbreak is to conduct risk assessment and contact tracing,” said Cheble. “Knowing where a passenger has been, where they are going or what and whom they’ve come into contact with can be vital information to help control the spread.”

Using ultrasound technology, Securiport’s biometric solutions are able to ensure the most accurate identity verification reporting available.

The biometric data is gathered and integrated into a giant database of traveler activity, which in turn is stored in a secure cloud environment.

Using data visualization and analytics software, Securiport’s solution provides users with complex risk assessment modeling and contract tracing by leveraging Big Data to identify patterns and provide decision support metrics.

Securiport’s two-fold approach of data collection and analytics enables the company to give government leaders and humanitarian organizations greater insight into the flow of travelers so they can make the necessary moves to prevent the virus from further spreading.

The company is also seeking advice from United Nations Population Fund personnel on the ground where the Ebola virus is active for the purpose of deploying the Epidemic Control System, a proprietary software that works with immigration systems to further monitor passengers who have recently been in or near the affected regions.

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