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Bio-Metrica releases cloud-based biometric authentication identity framework


Bio-Metrica announced it has adapted its Biometric Identification Infrastructure (BII) multi-factor authentication biometric identity framework to work completely from a cloud-based deployment.

CloudBII offers several benefits over traditional deployments, including rapid deployment times that only take a few hours, as well as the ability to control system performance (response times) by rapidly scaling up or down a BII installation within a few hours.

This can be done by using additional BII Agent machines or by changing the configuration of existing instance resources, such as through more processing power, increasing available RAM, and additional networking channels.

There is no need for deploying additional IT infrastructure such as servers, administrative systems, networking equipment and A/C, nor is there a need for local support personnel to maintain the local servers.

Finally, the framework does not require a large startup investment for installation and configuration efforts since it can all be done remotely, with nearly 100% uptime reliability provided by the cloud hosting firm..

Alternatively, CloudBII can be deployed as a SaaS installation which can save organizations even more on costs.

BII is a comprehensive web services framework that allows applications to use multiple biometric types (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, vein, speech, signature recognition, SMT) and non-biometric types (smartcard, token, passwords) across different applications.

By providing a unified approach to identification, organizations are able to enroll once and use the same data across a range of applications.

The framework has numerous applications including AFIS, biometric identification system, voter registration system, national ID, census, driver’s license, border control systems, and any other automatic biometric and non-biometric identification system.

Bio-Metrica is offering CloudBII and BII as a separate framework with full functionality, which can be used for development of third-party applications or integrated with one of the company’s many applications.

BII can also integrate new biometric algorithms from any biometric type — using different matching strategies for better identification — in a short period of time.

Bio-Metrica is currently offering a free two-week evaluation trial of CloudBII on its website.

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