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Credence ID introduces full-featured mobile biometric and credential reading tablet


Credence ID has launched CredenceTAB, a full-featured 10 inch mobile biometric and credential reading tablet, that enables rapid registration, verification and authentication of user identities from any location.

According to a statement by the company, the CredenceTAB lets police, border control and other authorities confirm identities on the move, supports highly reliable citizen and voter registration and authentication, and helps banks and other enterprises implement effective “know your customer” (KYC) procedures, using fingerprints and national identity documents such as eIDs and ePassports.

Key features of the device include a high resolution, 10 inch, multi-touch, outdoor readable display and a rugged FBI PIV FAP-30 TFT/LES fingerprint scanner that meets the requirements for large scale identification for civil biometric programs. When fully configured, the device includes a contact and contactless smart card reader, a non-swipe MRZ reader with ability to read new ePassports and front and rear facing cameras with dual illumination for ICAO compliant face capture.

“Secure, reliable and comprehensive enrollment and ID verification are the foundations of new voting processes, border controls and customer onboarding. In the private sector, the tablet will provide robust protection against fraudulent ID attempts, such as opening new SIM card registrations or bank accounts, thanks to the combined usage of eIDs and ePassports. In healthcare, it can help ensure only eligible patients can access care and modern services,” said Lionel Jean, Vice President, Integration, Consulting & Services Director of Gemalto Government Programs.

“CredenceID and its key partners share an ambitious vision for the future of mobile identification. At Credence, we are focused on creating elegant and effective products packed with biometric and credential capabilities that can empower the 1.8 billion people currently enrolled in eID programs around the world. Our common goal is to secure individual identity and give voice to these people. With CredenceTAB, we can offer more functionality to bring about the changes needed to shape the future of mobile identification,” said Bruce Hanson, President and CEO of Credence ID.

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