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Vision-Box biometric solution used to identify criminals in Brazil

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Vision-Box announced that Mato Grosso State in Brazil recently selected the company to design and provide an integrated biographic and biometric enrollment solution to speed up the identification process for criminal suspects.

Vision-Box’s vb e-pass portable captures biographic and biometric data in real-time, allowing the Forensic Office of Technical Identification (POLITEC) technicians to capture instant face and profile photos, fingerprints, and digital signature from the prisoners, along with all biographic data registered on their ID cards.

In addition, the solution takes pictures of specific body marks, such as tattoos and scars, to add to the person’s identification file.

All of the information is then consolidated into a single personal profile that is associated with the individual, sent to the courthouse where the subsequent hearing is held, and stored in criminal databases at State and Federal level.

Since launching the pilot, Vision-Box’s biometric portable solution has been used to process hundreds of identifications in which it has ultimately improved the security of the identification procedure, put an end to data discrepancies of the suspect’s identity, and ensured a consistent and refined enrollment process.

After the identity verification, a doctor conducts a medical exam, which is then followed by a social worker, a psychologist, and a nursing technician conducting an interview.

“This partnership aims to modernize the identification processes and guarantee an efficient and agile service delivery,” said Aílton Machado, the POLITEC metropolitan director of technical identification. “The POLITEC technicians developed the pilot idea and helped to develop the solution along with Vision-Box Brazil as a way to build a system capable of being integrated in other Brazilian states, ensuring the biographic data capture provides an authenticity verification of the individual.”

According to Vision-Box, the portable solution is easy to use as a result of an integrated and autonomous front-end platform – vb e-pass – that allows the operator to capture, visualize, and store the biographic and biometric data using an automated procedure.

The software ensures that the biometric collection and data processing processes are conducted in accordance with all ICAO and NIST international standards.

“Vision-Box is collaborating directly with official Justice authorities to guarantee the information’s authenticity that remains stored in official databases,” said Leidivino Natal da Silva, country director of Vision-Box Brazil. “On the one hand, it allows the authorities to take actions with total trust in the quality of the information. On the other hand, it assures society at large that their identity is protected in the Justice system, and that this system is really judging the true criminals.”

Previously reported, Vision-Box implemented a new automated border control (ABC) solution at RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport.

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