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Sentegrity risk-based authentication app integrated in BlackBerry Dynamics


Behavioral biometrics authentication firm Sentegrity has partnered with BlackBerry to provide trusted authentication for applications on the BlackBerry Dynamics platform.

Any BlackBerry application can initiate Sentegrity on launch to set the authentication requirements based on trusted baselines of user behavior and device integrity.

“The success of modern enterprise mobility is largely dependent on organizations’ ability to secure these high risk mobile endpoints without completely destroying the ease-of-use that makes them such an important asset,” said Sentegrity CEO Troy Frost. “Sentegrity is pleased to partner with BlackBerry to offer high-security solutions that remove the conflict between security and usability.”

The risk-based authentication enables customers with highly-sensitive data, including those individuals in government, finance, energy and pharmaceutical industries, to extend sensitive data access to mobile devices by reducing the security risks associated with the underlying platform or access environment.

Sentegrity provides platform and environment security by assigning and enforcing authentication requirements based on the measured risk — ranging from requiring no password, to biometric authenticators, to preventing application access — and automatically deleting locally stored data.

“Comprehensive and consistent information security is more important than ever in the modern workforce and the enterprise of things,” said Mark Wilson, SVP and chief evangelist at BlackBerry. “We are partnering with Sentegrity to raise both the security and productivity bars for organizations with dual data ownership.”

Customers using BlackBerry’s enterprise software platform are providing with high levels of encryption and security for mobile application data, regardless of whether the device is in motion or at rest.

The behavioral authentication solution protects customers against unauthorized decryption. In low-risk conditions, the security authentication app can ease authentication requirements consistent with enterprise policy to enable faster, simpler data access.

Sentegrity expands BYOD programs to both more devices and more use-cases. By protecting sensitive data access with real-time security, these BYOD programs do not have to be restricted to specific devices types.

Unlike other behavioral authentication solutions, Sentegrity analysis operates only during protected data access and takes less than one second to conduct a risk assessment. Personal BYOD remains completely private while maintaining the high-security of enterprise applications — all without hardly affecting system resources, such as battery life.

The integration of the Sentegrity mobile app in BlackBerry Dynamics enables customers to instantly install Sentegrity on BlackBerry-secured devices of any OS platform, ensuring that organization can easily deploy advanced authentication to their entire mobile workforce.

The Sentegrity solution delivers several benefits to the BlackBerry Dynamics platform, including
risk-based behavioral authentication where customers can secure data with the best authentication factors based on contextual risk analysis; real-time enterprise policy enforcement in which high-security customers can enforce enterprise policies previously only enforceable through complete restriction or trust in users; and a simple user experience as the result of Sentegrity’s ability to ease authentication requirements in trusted environments.

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